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Privacy Policy Statement

TecRetail Limited Privacy Policy Statement

This is the Privacy Policy of the TecRetail Limited. As a responsible business TecRetail respects personal data privacy and is committed to fully implementing and complying with the data protection principles under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance“).

Our privacy principles are:

•        TecRetail only collects personal data which we believe to be relevant and required to conduct our business.

•        TecRetail will use your personal data only for the purpose for which the data is collected or for a directly                        related purpose, unless consent for a new purpose is obtained from you.

•         TecRetail will keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date.

•         TecRetail will not transfer or disclose your personal data to any entity that is not a Group entity or not a                         party as detailed in this Privacy Policy without your consent unless it is required by law or it was previously                   notified to you.

•         TecRetail has implemented various physical, electronic and management measures to safeguard and secure                 the personal data we collect.

Please read the following Privacy Policy to understand how TecRetail handles your personal data collected through various means, including its websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, application forms and other collection channels. By providing your personal data to us, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy and the collection, use, access, transfer, storage and processing of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy.

1.      Kinds of Personal Data Collected and Held

1.1    We collect and hold the following broad categories of personal data (“Data”) depending on our engagement                 with you:

a)     Tenant records: including name, contact details, company name, business title and other information supplied            by tenants and collected in connection with tenant services and related activities;

b)     Customer records: including salutation, name, gender, marital status, month of birth, company name, business           title, education background, telephone number, fax number, email address, correspondence address,                           membership numbers, photograph, relevant log-in information that customers use to access our products and           services, and other information supplied by customers

(c)     Personnel records: including TecRetail personnel details, job particulars, details of salary, payments, benefits,               leave and training records, group medical insurance records, mandatory provident schemes participation,                     performance appraisals and disciplinary matters;

d)     Consultant and contractor records: including name, contact details and other information of any individual                   employed or engaged by service providers in the fields of construction, information technology, marketing and           other areas providing necessary services required by TecRetail;

e)     Records collected on webservers, mobile or digital media: including email addresses, browsing preferences and           IP addresses (whereas they constitute personal data under specific circumstances that the addresses can be               used to identify an individual) collected for newsletter subscription, online enquiries, membership log-in or                 otherwise;

f)      Other records: including records of visitors to the premises operated by TecRetail, members of the public                     making enquiries or responding to our surveys, business partners, officers, shareholders, investors and other             operational and administrative records that contain personal data, and other information as may be set out in           the relevant form or collection channel.

2.      Purposes for which the Data are Collected and Used

2.1    We may use the Data for the following main purposes (or any directly related purpose):

a)      Tenant records: for providing tenant and property management services and related activities, maintaining                 tenant accounts, managing moving in and out of TecRetail premises or car parks, processing rental receivables,           responding to and follow up enquiries;

b)     Customer records: for communication, programmes, providing marketing materials, market research and                     analysis or any other purposes which the customer has been notified of and consented to;

c)      Personnel records: for recruitment and human resource management purposes, relating to such matters as               employees’ appointment, employment benefits, termination, performance appraisal and discipline;

d)     Consultant and contractor records: engaging, monitoring, managing and appraising relationships with                           consultants and contractors who are and/or engage or employ individuals to provide services to TecRetail;

e)     Records collected on webservers, mobile or digital media: for sending newsletters to subscribers registered                 through websites and providing marketing materials and replies to enquiries, and for market research and

         data analytics; and

f)      Other records: for various purposes varying according to the nature of the records, including for administration           and operation of the TecRetail premises, handling enquiries from members of the public and carrying out daily           business.

g)     General:

•              for communicating with you;

•              for our daily operation and administration;

•              for market research and data analytics;

•              subject to your consent, for direct marketing (see below paragraph on direct marketing);

•              for identification and verification;

•              for enforcing our legal rights;

•              for complying with legal or regulatory obligations;

•              for handling your enquiries or requests; and

•              for any other purposes to which you may from time to time agree.

2.2     If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose (other than the purposes (if any directly related                         purpose) outlined above, we will obtain your consent in advance.

2.3     We will not sell or rent the Data provided to us, or knowingly or intentionally use or share the Data in ways                  unrelated to the purposes aforementioned.

3.       Disclosure and Transfer of Data

3.1     We may disclose and transfer the Data you provide to the following parties and other persons who we                          consider appropriate (whether local or overseas) in connection with the purposes set out above (or any

          directly related purpose):

a)     any member of the Group (including different divisions within each Group entity);

b)     any of our agents, professional advisers, contractors, service providers, or any persons under a duty of                         confidentiality to us;

c)     our business associates;

d)     our successors or assigns (whether actual or proposed) under an acquisition, sale or restructuring of the                       business and/or assets of any member of the Group, or any assignee of our rights;

e)     any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of law or a court              order of any jurisdiction or to any government or law enforcement authorities or administrative organs as                    requested;

f)      any person to whom we believe in good faith that disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable including and            without limitation to protect our rights or properties or in circumstances which we consider to be related to any          of the purposes for which the Data are collected; and

g)     to any person when we have reason to believe that disclosing the Data to such person is necessary to identify,            contact or bring or defend legal action against someone, e.g. anyone who may be causing interference with our          rights or properties, whether intentionally or otherwise, or when anyone else could be harmed by such                        activities.

3.2   The Data you provide to us may also be sourced from or transferred to other jurisdictions outside Hong Kong             for the purposes mentioned above. We will try to ensure, as far as possible and practicable, that Data sourced             or transferred outside Hong Kong is protected to standards in line with the requirements of the Ordinance,                 subject to any other requirements and limitations of the particular jurisdiction.

4.      Data Security and Retention

4.1    Subject to any legal and regulatory requirements, the Data you provide to us will be kept by us in the                              appropriate form only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned above, after which it will be            destroyed.

4.2     In order to ensure the correct use and to maintain the accuracy of Data collected from you, as well as prevent            unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use of the Data, we have implemented various            physical, electronic and management measures to safeguard and secure the Data we collect and have                          appropriate security policies in place. However, we cannot guarantee that data transmission over the internet              or other media is completely secure.

5.      Our Commitment to Children’s Privacy

         Protecting the privacy of children is our primary concern. If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain                   consent from your parent or guardian before providing us with your Data.

6.      Language

6.1    This Notice is written in the English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any              inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this notice, the English version shall                prevail.


Last version date: Aug 2019

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