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Microsoft Hong Kong Summit:

Empower YOU


Technology like AI is reshaping work and the skill gaps in the market is growing.

As we shift into the digital age, we can see that technology is reshaping work - 79% of jobs in Hong Kong will be transformed by 2021*. While a whole host of new exciting roles across different business functions are likely to be created, it is essential for all talents – no matter what your educational background is – to start growing a new mindset of lifelong learning to become future-ready.

We are pleasure to attend the Microsoft HK Summit and hear inspiring stories on how individuals and organizations have been using cloud and AI technology to bring in new breakthroughs, to magnify the in-demand skills we need, and to create connections for exploring your career possibilities.


The Digital Future' Experience zone and Job carnival

Thanks to Microsoft we have a great opportunities to meet other industry experts and learn the latest AI solutions through hands-on demos and scenario-based zone. Besides we are connected with the youth and Microsoft partners which allow us to explore more business insights for our clients. 

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